Formulated as the original Dr Belzer & Dr Southard gold standard solution

WATERS IGL® Cold Storage Solution is a sterile, non-pyrogenic solution for the hypothermic flushing and cold storage of kidney, liver and pancreas.

WATERS IGL® Cold Storage Solution_CSS_Abdominal Transplantation-2

Gold Standard

Safe cold storage of Liver (up to 17 hours), Kidney (up to 23 hours) and Pancreas (up to 21 hours).

Ready to use Solution

Filled in 1000ml/2000ml bags, no requiring filtration before use.

Easy Storage

Two-year shelf life at room temperature.

WATERS IGL® Cold Storage Solution is a clear to light yellow, sterile, non-pyrogenic solution. The solution has an approximate calculated osmolarity of 320 mOsm, a sodium concentration of 29 mEq/l, a potassium concentration of 125 mEq/l, and a pH of approximately 7.4 at 20°C. Its ion composition is comparable with that of the intracellular milieu. It contains osmotically active substances such as hydroxyethyl starch that allows better and more effective flushing, and raffinose and lactobionate to reduce swelling or cells. ¹

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