RM3 Kidney Perfusion System

The RM3 system is an oxygenated and hypothermic machine perfusion for either one or two donor kidneys. It provides controlled kidney perfusion while it monitors, displays, trends, and saves critical parameters including perfusate flow, temperature, pressure, renal resistance.

WatersmedicalSystems_IGL_RM3 Dual Perfusion


Better delayed graft function compared to cold storage for marginal kidney donors 1

Dual perfusion for centers with high volume of transplant

1 Stratta RJ et al. Influence of Pulsatile Perfusion Preservation on Outcomes in Kidney Transplantation from Expanded Criteria Donors. American College of Surgeons May 2007; 204(5):873-82; discussion 882-4.


Disposable DCM Cassette
Insulated Cassette Cover
Reprocessing Cannula
Disposable Clamp for aortic patch
Disposable Cannula for multiple arteries


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