Celsior® Cold Storage Solution

Celsior® Cold Storage Solution is a sterile, non-pyrogenic solution for preservation of heart. The solution is slightly acidic (pH 7.3), slightly hypertonic (osmolarity 320-360 mOsmol/L) with low viscosity (1.15 cSt).

Celsior® Cold Storage Solution_Heart Transplantation


Associated with superior outcomes compared to HTK 1,2

Easy to transport and stock, due to low required perfusion volumes

1 Garlicki M. May preservation solution affect the incidence of graft vasculopathy in transplanted heart? Ann Transplant 2003; 8(1):19-24.

Wieselthaler GM, Chevtchik O, Konetschny R, et al. Improved graft function using a new myocardial preservation solution: Celsior. Preliminary data from a randomized prospective study. Transplant Proc 1999; 31(5):2067-8.


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